About Us

Symbionce consists of two unique divisions: healthcare and real estate.  The healthcare division is a fast growing technology and revenue cycle service company that delivers a number of diverse solutions in the healthcare revenue cycle space to fulfill needs for providers, employers, payors.  Additionally, Symbionce has a fully staffed consulting department comprised of seasoned coders, operations management, financial experts, patient financial service directors, etc. that have had significant experience on the provider and insurance company side. 

The real estate division primarily focuses on assisting both developers and owners to transfer their distressed properties to buyers in its extensive database and those found via other techniques.  Symbionce is primarily searching for the following types of properties: condos on waterfront or waterview or on a golf course; building lots or raw land on the waterfront, on golf courses, with mountain views, ski resorts, etc.  Through our competitive bidding process, we can work to dispose of your properties within 60 to 80 days after listing.  We are always interested in REOs!  The property size we are typically looking to work with is above $5 million.  If you have unfinished condos or would like us to put up only part of your luxury condos into our competitive bidding process, we can accomodate this need.  Generally we find that we can generate needed money to meet debt service demands or to provide capital for finishing condo buildings by just taking a portion of your condos and quickly converting them to cash for you!

Provider Solution

Symbionce assists healthcare provider entities by providing the resources and creative solutions to manage their revenue cycle.  Our executives have worked on the provider side by serving as executives in major hospital chains and physician clinics as well as creating new healthcare start-up entities.  These same executives have also provided the expertise, experience and applied their company’s resources to assist their clients with shortening the revenue cycle, reducing their operating expenses, applying automation to their client’s revenue cycle, improving patient satisfaction, and increasing cash flow.

Our company’s expertise in this area emanates from staff that have had experience working in all segments of the revenue cycle on the provider side and from our ability to provide automation as part of our solutions.

Insurance Company, Managed Care Organization, and other Payor Solutions

Symbionce has established strategic alliances that together will result in many far reaching solutions on the payer side to significantly reduce fraud and increase efficiencies consequently resulting in cost reductions and improving transaction flows.

The fact that we have executives that have worked in key roles in insurance companies gives us an edge such that we understand the functioning of these companies and are able to offer a formidable combination of expertise to our clients by proposing new methodologies as to how both entities may work together in new, innovative ways.